Honeycomb Packing Paper

The eco4plan Honeycomb Packing Paper is going to transform your packing experience: for both moving and gift wrapping! Ultra-dense and much more eco-friendly than plastic bubble paper, it offers an unparalleled combination of protection and sustainability.

Width: 15″ x Length: 400′
Width: 15″ x Length: 200′
Width: 15″ x Length: 135′
Width: 12″ x Length: 400′
Width: 12″ x Length: 200′

Width: 15″ x Length: 400′
Width: 15″ x Length: 200′
Width: 15″ x Length: 135′
Width: 12″ x Length: 400′
Width: 12″ x Length: 200′

All the sets come with 30x ‘Fragile’ stickers and 195′ biodegradable adhesive tape. Only 15″ x 135′ roll comes with 20 stickers and 114′ biodegradable adhesive tape.

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3-in-1 set

All you need for successful eco-friendly packing

Honeycomb Paper Roll

extra thick honeycomb packing paper roll

fragile paper sticker

'Fragile' self-adhesive paper stickers

biodegradable adhesive tape cellulose fiber

Biodegradable cellulose fiber adhesive tape

eco4plan favicon

choose green!

Unlike packing bubbles, our home and kitchen moving supplies are sustainable as the materials are fully biodegradable. No plastic in the paper wrap for packing itself, the tape, or the stickers: it’s a planet-friendly choice!

full set of honeycomb paper and tape and stickers next to green branch

Why eco4plan?

Because we cared to deliver the most important features that really matter

bottle midair falling wrapped in honeycomb bubbke wrap

15% thicker paper

Our paper boasts the density of 90 gsm, which is notably higher than the norm for honeycomb paper wraps, providing even better protection of your valuables. 

strong honeycomb paper tearing without scissors

No scissors required

Both the wrapping paper and the adhesive tape can be easily torn with the hand, so you won’t need any sharp objects around. It means that kids can participate, too! 

Versatile for any purpose

No matter what you do with this versatile paper, the outcome will be esthetic, secure, and eco-friendly!

Gift wrapped present with honeycomb paper

Perfect for Gifts

A honeycomb wrap is a more interesting-looking and warm gift wrapping material than the traditional bright paper thanks to the uneven, vivid structure

box lined with honeycomb paper as shipping filler

Shipping Made Safer

Easily add a layer of extra protection to shipped goods. This wrap paper is just as protective as regular shipping fillers, but it’s much more space-saving

items wrapped in moving supplies bubble wrap made of paper

Individual Wrapping

For things you want to be treated with special carefulness, wrap each one in several layers of this moving paper, and rest assured that they’ll be safe

bottle half-wrapped in packing bubbles for moving breakables

Home Decor

Bottle wrapping, scrapbooking, party decorations: the ideas on where to use this wrapping paper decoratively are truly endless. Get creative!

photo frame lying on stretched paper for wrapping fragile items

Secure the Fragile

When in need to move fragile items, such as glassware, art or anything else, be sure to wrap your valuables in 3+ layers of paper to ensure their safety in transit

flowers wrapped in packing materials for shipping as bouquet

Beautiful Bouquets

Honeycomb paper, with its nature-inspired shapes and the warm brown color, looks particularly amazing when combined with vibrant flower arrangement

tested and approved

woman holding a gift packed with Honeycomb Packing Paper, Packing Wrap,

“Loved wrapping my gifts with this honeycomb paper. It’s planet-friendly, sturdy, and gives presents a charming, rustic touch!”

Helen M.

man packing kitchen moving supplies with packing paper roll

“Surprisingly safe! Honeycomb paper protected my fragile stuff during the move. A real game-changer for green-minded relocating.”

Ralph D.

florist holding a bouquet wrapped with honeycomb packing paper

“It’s adorable and trendy, this paper elevates my bouquets. Customers adore the ‘green’ vibe and charming presentation.”

Daisy A.